About Luma. 

July 2015 was the year I created Luma Illustrations. I was having a hard time coming up with a cool but fun name so I took the first two letters of both of my cat’s names: Marbles and Luna, and thought “Illustrations” could work! And BAM! Luma Illustrations was born. 

Fast forward a bit, to 2016, where I went to a convention as an artist for the first time: Anime Detour! It was a fun experience to showcase my artwork and meet new people at a convention I have never been to before. After that point, I realized making art and going to conventions was the best thing ever! It helped bring out my creativity and meet new people I have never thought of meeting before creating Luma Illustrations. 

While growing up, I always drew dark imagery but, after being with my fiancé, I started to draw more cute and pinup art. When I was drawing the “Beautiful Maiden”, I decided to draw it a bit cute but also go back to drawing something dark. With this, the ‘Broken Dolls’ zine was created and is a great accomplishment for me. My fiancé help with the music for the video and also helped with the descriptions of each art. So the zine was a group effort! 

Thank you for all of your guys’ support and I hope, after this zine is a success, to bring out more volumes in the future! ~ Luma 

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